The Romanti-Goth A to Z Coloring Book


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The letter A

The letter J

The letter V


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However, the illustrations (crafted, by Heather Stanley, from experience and the friends around her) are not dour.  Instead, the style of the imagery is jovial, celebrating the joy of playing dress up - which is, to Seraphemera Books, at the heart of the Romanti-Goth culture.  Of course, going from costume to costume is also a common activity of childhood.  Thus, a coloring book seems like an obvious endeavor.

Turn these pages and find images that are playful enough for children (although some pictures might require some explanation), but are endearing to those who haven’t thought of picking up a crayon, oil pastel, or magic marker, in years. Yet, you still have the inclination to draw, paint, sing, dance, write...and although you have lost track of some of the time and space for art, the desire has never been left behind.

Thus, when the Yellow Hurty Thing in the sky smiles down upon the world, yet you are trying to keep your pale delicate complexion from seeing the light of day, the Romanti-Goth A to Z Coloring Book is the perfect way to while away the hours until the clouds and rain rescue the weekend adventures, or nightfall comes and the moon says, “Come out and play!”

So, if you remember painting on backstage walls while others played sports...or you were creating stories with stuffed animal Bats, Spider hats and Masquerade ballrooms while siblings played video games...this book is for you, whether you are a Fishnet covered, Jack-O-Lantern carving, Absinthe drinking, card-carrying Goth, or not.

The Romanti-Goth A to Z Coloring Book is an alphabetical trip through the aesthetic world of our favorite Victorian house dwelling, Eyeliner applying,Hearse driving, Night worshipping friends of the Goth pantheon - the Romanti-Goth!

Here, honored in full glory, are twenty six specifically chosen images of a Lace and Corset wearing world which is populated by those who find a Graveyard to be the perfect place for a picnic, Thirteen cats to be the perfect pets, and everyday to be Halloween.