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On the streets of New Orleans, there are those who do not think twice about killing.  There are those who do not think twice about hunting those that would prey on others. But, how do you kill someone that cannot die?  These acts of murder are brutal and bloody, remorseless and vengeful.  We cannot help ourselves but to look, and to question ourselves.

Dead Souls, a three-part comic book series by Kurt Amacker and drawn by Louis Manna, follows two of history's most notorious killers, alive and unstoppable on the streets of modern day New Orleans.

In their own time when Prince Vlad Dracula and Countess Erzsebet Bathory took the lives of others, they did so remorselessly and for their own reasons some for war and others for pleasure. The world has never seen inside the mind of those out of time out of a time when life held little value for those that would take it at will.  Until now.  But, can a creature born into violence change with the tides of history?

Those who Vlad and Erzsebet hunt are the very criminals who would turn our lives and homes into houses of fear.  Yet, do they have the right?  The executed are those who would act as unwarranted executioners.  But, vengeful forces have traveled through history to stop the immortals in their tracks.  Are there no heroes in Dead Souls?

In the stories of old, heroes were not so difficult to discern.  Why has it become so difficult now?

Ours is a time when those that would fight evil must often adopt its defining methods.

Dare we, against the will of power, call them heroes? Or, are they only murderers seeking a different kind of prey?

Dead Souls raises many questions, but there are only the beginnings of answers.

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