An Interview with Alan Moore

Often TheTruth gets lost in TheSoundBite.

An extensive and exclusive interview about Watchmen and Beyond Watchmen


Mr. Moore gave a quote here, a comment there.  Spoke a little about what it meant that DC was going to revisit these characters he created.  But his full statement has never

been revealed--only quoted.

Seraphemera Books offered Moore the chance to speak his mind however he should see fit.  As we’re as indie as it gets, we’re beholden to no concerns outside of providing the loudspeaker for the voice of somebody who, while his stories are widely read and revered, doesn’t often get the opportunity to write the story about himself.

At Moore's invitation, Seraphemera Books comic writer Kurt Amacker conducted a ninety minute interview with the legendary creator.  Amacker has conducted a series of interviews with Moore since 2006.  The end result is less a collection of terse bullet points than a revealing and uncensored conversation between two creators--one, the best the medium has ever seen;

the other, an independent at the very start of his career in comics.

So here it is - the transcript of a ninety minute interview, between Mr. Moore (The Watchmen, V for Vendetta, Batman:  The Killing Joke, and so much more), and seraphemera books writer Kurt Amacker (Tad Caldwell, Dead Souls, Immortal:60).

Revealing, personal, uncensored and unchecked.  This is Alan Moore as you've rarely heard him.  Some stories are familiar.  Some stories are new...and shocking...and sad.  Read on for an intimate look at the architect of modern comics, and his long and personal struggle with the very industry he helped to elevate.

So, listen up.  Come along for a true story so gruesome

you’d never believe it, if somebody wrote it as fiction.

Well, nobody except for Alan Moore...

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Earlier this year, DC Comics announced the undertaking of a thirty-plus book prequel to one of, if not the most, beloved graphic novels of all time -


If instantaneous were considered an epoch, there was an immediate cry from the unwashed internet, both ridiculing as well as defending this decision.  At every turn, however, the clamor hushed, when there was talk of a comment from the one person whose heart was closest to the tale.

Over the past few years, as each of the revered works of Mr. Alan Moore was turned into yet-another-film, he was given a seven second platform which most reporters truncated to “Alan Moore is angry about (insert name of film here) read my flimsy article”  We, however, know a very different Mr. Moore than the one who is lately perceived in public.

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